The theory of the SSH Public/Private keys. Command to make the key pairs. Login without password using SSH.
The related command to make a SSH Keys are as follows:

Create SSH Key command:

 ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 4096 -f ~/.ssh/git1 -C ""

-t: rsa

-b: 4096

-C: for login email

asking passphrase: Do it!

Give the key to SSH Agent:

enabled the SSH agent

eval "$(ssh-agent -s)"

name of your private keys

ssh-add ~/.ssh/***

To list the ssh-keys

$ ssh-add –l
ls -l ~/.ssh

To remove a key from the ssh-agent,

$ ssh-add -d /home/user/.ssh/id_rsa

To remove all

$ ssh-add –D

# kill the ssh-agent

$ eval $(ssh-agent -s -k)

Add the public SSH Key:

First copy the key content and paste it on that server.

pbcopy < ~/.ssh/