Heart Vein Natural Medicine

1. Lemon Juice 1Cup
2. Ginger Juice 1Cup
3. Garlic Juice 1Cup
4. Apple Cider Vinegar 1Cup (Some good brand like Heinz, or Braggs)

Mix all 4 cups above and boil on low heat, after approx 1 hour when it
becomes 3 cups take it off from oven and keep it for cooling.

After that add 3 cups of honey and keep it in bottle and store in cold, dark room.

BEFORE Breakfast take one table spoon DAILY up to it finish.
Remember two issues BEFORE breakfast and DAILY.

Actually garlic is very good for the heart, if we take one part of garlic with everyday meal it would be good for our health specially heart. You may also try this Best Garlic Press And Peeler details:
This remedy not suggested for serious patient (-aged & more that 2 blockage, you know this remedy has no reference and collected from internet! So, don’t rely too much of this.
Let me share my exp.: I’ve tried one of my relative aged and more that 3 block with this remedy, he feels good when he took this remedy, BUT he did not avoid the BY PASS his doctor suggest. the patients is well now.

Please read some viewer’s comment:
Samina Khanum+ 10 months ago
Seeking advice on Heart Vein Opening Natural Remedy I Am a 60 year old man suffered Heart attack on 24th march 2013 I have been diagnosed with Three veins blockages. and advised for BY PASS surgery Beside Allopathy medicine I have been taking your shown Natural remedy of ginger garlic lemon apple vaneger and honey from last 8 months Today underwent various tests like ECG ,2D ECO And TMT Test The 2D ECO test showed EF around 60% The TMTtest of 5 minutes also showed negative I walk daily morning for 45 minutes and do not feel any discomfort I did not go for any surgery Now I am in a doubt whether blockages are removed or not Kindly advice me as to how to ascertain the blockages cleared or not Also advice me the duration as to how long the NATURAL REMEDY JUICE OF GINGER GARLIC LEMON APPLE VINEAGAR AND HONEY Taken.

Hi Shamina, sorry to hear that, I think this remedy works so slowly, and i know a patients who also get BY Pass after taking this remedy now he is doing fine and in rest. with more that 3 blocks patients should go for BY Pass. I dont understand with why u go for remedy from internet with no reference except expert doctors advice in this stage